Online “Body Language” Diploma

Have you ever wanted to be able to read what is really going on inside someone’s mind, or what those subtle gestures or mannerisms we all do, mean?

Well look no further, I’ve studied this subject for the last 35+ years and have condensed everything into a 36-page set of handouts and accompanying videos to teach you my skills.

What you will learn (and much, much more…)

* How it all started
* Traditional Body Language – “Outside In” Model
* Greetings
* Personal Territory
* Hand and Arms Gestures
* Barriers
* My “Inside Out” Model
* Brain Structures
* Pioneers of the Psyche/Personality
* Conscious vs Unconscious Behaviour
* Body Movements and IMRs
* Physical Incongruence
* Truth or Lies Exercise
* Advanced Truth or Lies Exercises
* Common Clusters
* “I have no intention of doing it” Cluster
* “I’ve done something really bad” Cluster
* “I fancy you” Cluster
* Repression and Suppression of Trauma
* Next Steps

The course is accredited by the ACCPH (ACCPH the Professional Body for Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Clinical Hypnotherapists) and also counts towards your Continual Professional Development (CPD).

There are no course prerequisites.

The workshop combines ‘home study’ and ‘live’ training online over Skype on Saturday 8th October 2022  from 2pm UK/9am EDT USA until 6pm UK/1pm EDT approx. It’s £440 per person and you will receive a 36-page set of detailed handouts, and a “Body Language” Diploma certificate.

Once you have completed the course you will get free access to a private Facebook discussion group*.

If you want to secure your place email us at requesting an invoice, with your full postal address and how you’d like your name spelled on your certificate. Once paid, we will send your materials to you by registered post and email some accompanying pre-work videos for you to study prior to the online live training.

Your payment must be made by the latest Thursday 15th September 2022 for those based in USA/Canada/Rest of World, or Thursday 29th September for UK residents.

Here’s some feedback to help reassure you before booking:

“Awesome training…so excited to use the new information and to transform my work with clients. Nick, thank you for your dedication to learning and sharing all you know. It’s truly amazing what you are doing to heal hurt people.”
Laura Love Truesdale

“Great training Nick!! You are a wealth of knowledge. I am going to love expanding my ever-growing curiosity by reading people body language now!!!”
Laura Mullis

“Excellent training! Applicable to everything you can think of where interaction is concerned. Great tool for life in general, but especially for therapists. Thank you Nick! Enjoyed it!”
Jason L. Griner

“Wonderful training as always Nick! Can’t wait to put these new skills to use at work and play! People watching has been taken to a whole new level!”
Laura Hewitt Mobley

“Really enjoyed the course. Takes ‘people watching’ to a whole new level!”
Paul Hill

“Fabulous course Nick, applied it to many situations at work already. To anyone else reading who may be thinking of doing this course – I would highly recommend it, it can be applied to virtually every aspect of our lives. The booklet and training materials provided are of the usual high quality and Nick’s support is tremendous. Great course, highly recommended!”
Tim Castle

“Thanks for such a great course, Nick. I loved it! I’ve just watched the Prince Andrew interview. Really interesting stuff and you’re absolutely right about watching videos – such a great way to learn and look out for the things that you introduced us to. Thanks again!”
Anna Ritchie