Online “Mindfulness, Meditation & Self-Hypnosis”

Now more than ever we need ways to calm and focus our minds with the unpredictability and uncertainty of the World.

Here’s what we’ll be learning and practicing:

• Why mindfulness?
• How Stress Affects Us
• DAS 42 Scale
• DASS 42 Scoring
• DASS42 Results
• Mindfulness
• What is TA?
• Identification of Pain Bodies/Ego-States
• Dissolving
• Breathing Meditation
• Third Eye Meditation
• Crown Chakra/Higher Self Meditation
• Self-Hypnosis
• Recommendations

There are no course prerequisites.

The workshop combines home study and ‘live’ training online over Skype on Saturday XXXXXX from 2pm UK/9am EDT USA until 4pm UK/11am EST approx. It’s £197 per person and you will receive a 15-page set of detailed handouts, and a Certificate in “Mindfulness, Meditation & Self-Hypnosis”.

If you want to secure your place email us at requesting an invoice, with your full postal address and how you’d like your name spelled on your certificate. Once paid, we will send your materials to you by registered post.

Your payment must be made by the latest Thursday XXXXXXXXX 2021 for those based in USA/Canada/Rest of World, or Thursday XXXXXXXXXX 2021 for UK residents.